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Clark County Regional Flood Control District
600 South Grand Central Parkway, Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89106

tel: (702) 685-0000
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Clark County Regional Flood Control District
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Flash flooding in Southern Nevada is a major hazard resulting from high-intensity, short-duration storms during the summer months. Flooding in Clark County is mitigated by the Regional Flood Control District.

Even small storms with just a little precipitation can produce dangerous flooding in the desert. Roadways can fill with water and trap motorists, and dry washes can become raging rivers within moments. Floodwater is always dangerous and should be avoided. Stay away from flooded streets, washes and channels, and never drive through floodwater or attempt to cross or enter a flowing channel or wash.

Throughout the year, the district monitors rainfall and flow data with its Flood Threat Recognition System. Visit the district’s website,, for water level and rainfall information.

Storm water can be full of trash, chemicals and debris that can be harmful to your health. Dumping trash or other materials into channels, storm drains and detention basins is illegal because a clogged channel cannot carry water and may cause flooding. To report illegal dumping, or if you see debris in a wash, channel or storm drain, contact the district at

Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damages, but the National Flood Insurance Program offers flood insurance. This policy can be purchased regardless of whether your home is located in a flood zone, and it covers both structural and content damage. For more information, visit
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