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Jun 1st, 2018
Southern Nevada Water Authority’s conservation programs can help you save water and money
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As a new resident of Southern Nevada, you’re probably aware that our community is in the midst of an 18-year drought affecting the Colorado River Basin. And because we draw 90 percent of our water supply from the river at Lake Mead, the impetus to conserve this most precious of natural resources is heightened as the drought continues.

To help you be a part of this community-wide effort, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers several successful conservation and rebate programs, along with seasonal watering restrictions, that enable you to join your new neighbors in conserving water, while saving some money on the side.

Mandatory seasonal watering restrictions

Each residential and business address in the Las Vegas Valley is assigned to a seasonal watering group, which identifies the days in which you can irrigate your landscape. Sunday watering is prohibited year-round.

Seasonal restrictions limit weekly watering to:
  • Spring: Three assigned days from March 1 through April 30
  • Summer: Landscape irrigation is permitted Monday through Saturday from May 1 through Aug. 31; however, watering is prohibited between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., when water is often lost to evaporation from the heat and high winds.
  • Fall: Three assigned days from Sept. 1 through Oct. 31.
  • Winter: One assigned day from Nov. 1 through Feb. 28
To find your watering group, and for more landscape water-saving tips, visit snwa.com.

Water Smart Landscapes Rebate Program
Since its launch in 1999, the SNWA’s highly popular Water Smart Landscapes Rebate program (WSL) has helped the community save more than 119 billion gallons of water, while the amount of turf converted would cover 3,224 football fields.

If you’re unfamiliar with WSL, here’s how it works: For each square foot of thirsty turf you convert to water-efficient, desert-adapted landscaping, the SNWA will rebate $3 up to the first 10,000 square feet, and $1.50 per square foot of grass removed beyond that (up to a maximum of $300,000).

To participate, complete an application at snwa.com or call (702) 258-SAVE (7283). Sample landscape designs, installation tips, a list of Water Smart Contractors and a plant search tool are available on the website to help you design a water-efficient landscape that fits your lifestyle.

Pool Cover Instant Rebate Coupon
If you are a pool owner, you can save as much as 9,500 gallons of water each year that otherwise would be lost to evaporation with a pool cover. As a bonus, pool covers also limit windblown debris, which can drive up the cost of pool maintenance, while helping to conserve energy.

The SNWA pool cover program provides a discount coupon for up to $50 or 50 percent off the purchase price of a typical pool cover, whichever is less. The program also provides up to $200 or half off the purchase (whichever is less) of a permanent, mechanical pool cover.

Residential customers of SNWA member agencies may redeem one pool cover coupon per property address every 36 months from more than 20 retail pool supply locations around the Las Vegas Valley. Visit snwa.com for a list of retailers and to download a printable coupon.

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate Coupon
Smart controllers are irrigation clocks that use sensors and weather information to manage how much water is applied to your landscape each day. The smart controllers adjust watering times or shut off sprinklers automatically in response to environmental changes, such as rain, high wind, or low temperatures. On average, they can reduce outdoor water use by an average of 15 to 30 percent.

The SNWA’s rebate program offers 50 percent off the purchase price or up to $200, whichever is less. You can download and print the coupon from snwa.com, then take it to one of our participating retailers for an instant rebate; or, you can purchase one of the smart controllers on our qualifying products list at the retailer of your choice and receive your rebate by mail.

Water Smart Car Wash Coupons
Taking advantage of the SNWA’s Water Smart Car Wash coupon can not only help you clean a dirty car, but conserve water at the same time.

The coupons are redeemable at dozens of Water Smart Car Washes that recycle the water they use. This results in greater water savings than washing your car at home. Home car washing can use two to three times more water than a Water Smart Car Wash, and much of that water flows into the street and can’t be recycled or reused. Water Smart Car Wash coupons are easily accessible at snwa.com along with a full list of participating locations throughout the valley.
About the Company:
The SNWA is a not-for-profit agency that manages water conservation, water quality and water resource issues for Southern Nevada. Its members include the Big Bend Water District (Laughlin); the cities of Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas; the Clark County Reclamation District; and the Las Vegas Valley Water District.
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